Operation Slumbertime : Update

A few of you may remember an earlier post on my blog; Operation Slumbertime”: my mission to change my adorable toddler from a “Night Owl”  into an “Early Bird”.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks (17 days, to be precise) since I wrote that post and I thought it’s about time I gave you all an update. So, here’s the Good News : Mission Accomplished!

After one false alarm early on, I wanted to be sure that V’s sleeping pattern had definitely changed before bragging (Yes, to me getting my two year old to sleep at night is something worth bragging) about it on this blog lest I end up jinxing it.

After a record 10 days of sleeping through the night, I guess it’s now safe to say that my baby is not a Vampire. Not quite and “Early Bird” as yet, but the timing suits me just fine.

We have finally been able to see some sunlight, and so have resumed our usual trips to the library and the toddler groups, weather permitting. Life couldn’t be  more perfect! Except…we have another big move coming up next month.

My Husband just told me yesterday that his assignment is nearing completion and so we will be returning to India in exactly a month’s time, after completing almost a year in UK. Which means, a different time zone and a whole new sleeping schedule. Help!!!

Anyway, I am glad I started the Sleep Journal, it has definitely been very helpful. I feel more confident about handling Jet Lag now, so definitely look forward to returning home and meeting family after almost a year.

I plan to write a detailed post on how we ended up getting V’s sleep cycle back on track, sometime later this month.

Today, I wanted to share a Bedtime chart designed for older school-going children.

Some of you may have already seen the chart, which was originally posted on Wilson Elementary School’s Facebook page. The chart, designed by a parent became viral within a few days of posting and has been shared over 400,000 times.

There are mixed reactions to the chart, with many parents opining that their kids would be up at 4 AM if they followed the recommended schedule.

After struggling with V’s sleep issues, I have come to the conclusion that not all kids sleep for 12 hours a day. So, the schedule would definitely have to be tweaked to suit the child’s temperament.

As for you fellow moms, have a look at the chart, and let me know in the comments if you think it would work for you.

Wilson Elementary school -Bedtime Chart

Update: Finally got around to creating the poll. Thank you Vikram for your helpful tip!

PS : I would love to include a poll, but am still figuring out how to do it. So, if you know how to add polls, please leave some advice in the comments. Thank you guys!

Image credit : Wilson Elementary 


Pre-school or Home-school – What did we do and why?

Preschool   Nursery

As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I had decided that I  would be a Stay-at-Home Mom: at least till the day my little one  starts full-time school.

Well, it was not so tough to take the decision considering that I  was not working even before pregnancy. I had to move to Switzerland  after marriage as my husband was based there on deputation and  became a housewife as I simply couldn’t find a suitable job.

Fast forward to a few months after V’s birth, I found a wonderful  opportunity to work-from-home for a start-up in India.I felt excited and thrilled to work again and do something interesting. It  felt great to have something to talk about and discuss other than  mundane domestic issues.

Since then, I couldn’t stop dreaming about the day V would start  school. As then, I would be able to start working full-time outside  home as well.

Considering the current trend wherein kids start their schooling at  much earlier ages; I had also decided to enroll V into a play group at a Montessori school  once he completed 20 months.

Decision taken, my countdown for D-day started.

However, fate decided otherwise and we had to move out of India again due to  my husband’s work.We moved to UK when V was about 14  months old.What was  initially meant to be a 6 months assignment  gradually extended into a one year project.

I instinctively knew that we wouldn’t be able to afford to send V  to a play group in UK on a single income as childcare costs are  exorbitant. Kids start  nursery at around 3 years, and since V was  not even two when  we shifted to the UK, that option was ruled out too.

And so, that is the story of how V gets to enjoy a few more months  of freedom by staying at home while I have decided to compromise  and cut down on a little bit of my free time.

V will start going to a playschool after we return to India at  around 27-28 months of age.

In a way, I am glad it all worked out this way. I feel less  stressed too as I don’t have the pressure of getting V ready by a  stipulated time everyday.

Also, I have learnt a lot about childcare in the last few months mostly by reading other blogs and watching videos and vlogs on YouTube while searching for ways to keep V occupied and entertained.

The best part of it all, is the satisfaction of being able to spend  quality time with V and watch his progress and development.