Feel Good Friday Quote #4


If everything in this World were positive, there would be no thorns on a rose, no mistakes, no failures, no calamities, no wars, no enemies and no death. Sadly, that’s not the case.

It’s important to focus on the positive aspects of life, and try to have a positive attitude at all times. Yet, it’s impossible to eliminate negativity.

Terror attacks in recent times, plane crashes and accidents and natural disasters like flooding in some parts of TamilNadu, India and UK are all examples of  negative happenings.

Just like every Cloud has a silver lining, each of these negative incidents have something to teach. The terror attacks have brought the world together as one to fight against terrorism, and the floods have brought out hope in humanity with people reaching out to rescue  and help each other. It has also brought an increased awareness and concern for the environment. Every accident teaches us to build something stronger and robust and encourages creativity and innovation.

Death is another negative aspect in life, and losing a loved one can be very painful, but not something that cannot be healed. Knowing that it is inevitable is what makes life all that more valuable, and teaches us to live to the fullest.

We need to accept negativity as an inevitable part of life and channelize it in a positive manner to develop and improve for the better.

Image Credit: Quotefancy.com

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