Why do I write?

I write because :

  • Writing helps me organize the gazillion thoughts going on in my mind.
  • Writing helps me with introspection.
  • Writing motivates me.
  • Writing brings me joy and cheer.
  • Writing is interesting.
  • Writing allows me to be as creative as I wish.
  • Writing makes me think and look beyond the mundane and ordinary life of a stay-at-home-mom.
  • Writing helps me document some of the ordinary and some not-so-ordinary happenings in our lives. It helps me create and preserve memories
  • I like reading what other’s write. Hence, I write in the hope that someday, somebody  somewhere will enjoy reading what I write.
  • Writing is an art. And like any art, requires a lot of practice. I write to hone and  improve my writing skills.
  • I like to work out my brains and love solving puzzles. Writing to me is like solving  a Jigsaw puzzle figuring out the right words and their proper placement, making it  challenging and interesting.
  • I dream of being an author someday.

Note: Written for the Writing 101 Course – Daily Challenge Day 1


5 thoughts on “Why do I write?

  1. I can definitely relate! I like how you used the jigsaw puzzle analogy because that is how I see writing also. I have so many thoughts, words, phrases, and images in my head that finding a way to connect it all is exactly like working on a puzzle!

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    • Thank you for the kind and encouraging words 🙂
      Nice to read your recent blog posts and look at all the fabulous pictures.
      I like how you are experimenting with the new style of using a gallery blog to let the pictures do all the talking.

      Liked by 1 person

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