Pre – Writing Skills in Toddlers – 101

Pre Writing

After moving to the UK, V and I started visiting a local library  for the “Rhymetime”  sessions twice a week. It was highly  recommended by a friend and we really enjoyed the  half an hour  of singing and actions.

So, when another friend suggested I visit the local museum on  Fridays for two hours of craft work, I literally jumped with joy; excited to try out another new activity with V. Off we went one  Friday to check out the museum with all enthusiasm (mostly on my part).

V was about 22 months then, and had not done much craft activity  at home before that. I  was scared that it would be messy and rarely let V touch any crayons or colouring pens.  The one or two times  I let him play with the crayons, he ended up scribbling all over the  walls and doors. So, I decided to wait a while before giving  him any more crayons and  hid them all away.

V is generally more of an “active” boy, who prefers physical  activities. The first day I took  him to the museum, he sat there  on the bench and just played with the colouring pens.  He was  fascinated with removing the lids on the pens and then putting  them back on  and that was all he did for about twenty minutes.  After that, he just got down from the  bench and walked out of  the room. The rest of the session I kept following him all around  the museum checking out every room and then climbing up and down  the stairs(we would have done that at least 20 times that day).

Exasperated, I decided to try some colouring at home. Still, I  could not hold V’s attention for more than ten to fifteen minutes  at a time and even then he would not do much with the crayons.  I was highly disappointed and would secretly envy the parents of  the other  kids who would sit and colour diligently. I also started  having nightmares imagining  the complaints I was bound to receive  once V started school considering  he hardly ever sat in a place for  anything more than 15 minutes.

It was only after around three more sessions that I realised that  V was the youngest among the group. The other kids were around 2  and a half years old.

So, I followed it up with some research on the Internet to find out at what age kids start colouring and doing other craft work.

Not surprisingly, I found out that most kids V’s age could not be expected to sit down for an hour’s session of craft work.

I am sharing below a compilation of some common craft activities and the recommended age at which it can be introduced to children.

I Hope it is useful for other parents like me who have no idea about toddler pre-writing and craft skills. This can help set realistic expectations and goals and will help plan suitable activities that are age-appropriate.

These activities can be introduced at any age, even a little earlier. However, it would be wise to be patient and set realistic expectations. Needless to say, it would require a lot of supervision as well.

Please click on the Link below for the Pre-Writing Skills Timeline.


Happy Crafting.


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